Random Monday Musings…

Another Monday and coffee is not fending off random musings…

Concerning this morning’s SCOTUS ruling: Amongst the cries that women’s health has been dealt a blow; has anyone considered Hobby Lobby covers 16 of the 20 contraceptive options? They object to four. They pay for the others. Birth control has not become obsolete–you just have to pay for some of it. Just like the anti-depressants that keep us from killing our neighbors when they have differing political views.

Chelsea Clinton seems to have fallen very close to the tree. In an impassioned speech last week, she told us she tried to care about money but just couldn’t muster the strength. This, from her 10.3 million dollar townhome. At least this time she wasn’t wearing leather pants and stripper heels at a save the wildlife fundraiser. We do feel sorry for you, dear, just like when you were so woefully underpaid at NBC. How’s a girl who doesn’t care about money to live a full nine months on only $600,000?

Here’s a thought. For those of you who find money such a heavy burden–pool it together to pay off the deficit. Or feed some hungry children. Help a neighbor. Or find a widow who really would like to continue drinking Grey Goose in crystal stemware.

A new study confirms that sunglasses do indeed make others perceive you as cool. I don’t wear them to look cool. I wear them to stare at your outfit from across the room without your knowledge.

Bama is gearing up for football. Roll Tide. Slogan for the Year: They don’t rebuild. They reload. Truer words my friend. Truer words.

President Obama reached over the protective glass at Chipotle last week. But, you know, he’s just one of us. Except every kindergartner in North America knows don’t reach over the glass at Chipotle. Pfft.

The Buckner Mansion, better known as The Coven House of American Horror Story Fame, is available for you and your gal pals to rent. It’s only $4700 a night, making it a possibility only for American politicians.

Some chick took a bath in donuts. And took a photo. Good bakery gone bad.

In other news, some notables failed the bar back in the day. Michelle Obama, President Roosevelt, Jerry Brown and JFK Jr. to name a few. Hillary Clinton was amongst the group. She failed in DC so she hitched her wagon to a Lothario from Arkansas and passed the test there. Good thing–who else would defend rapists and later label themselves a champion of women.

Pat Robertson also failed. Another good thing–we need another asshat preacher to tell us how to live while espousing stoning of gays, continuing to tithe when you can’t pay your bills and becoming Muslim to legally beat your wife. So glad we have one of God’s reps right here on earth.

In the most astounding news: Did you know that Emma Thompson wore a fat suit in Love Actually? One of the best nods to romcom ever and a fave of this girl. Was that really necessary? She needed a fat suit to look like the rest of us? I am deeply bothered by this.

So bothered that I might take a donut bath, fail the bar, complain about how much money I have, touch some food over the glass at Chipotle, put on my sunglasses and praise Sweet Baby Jesus I don’t need birth control.


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