Just Keep Talking Hillary…

Is anyone else tired of taxpayer-fed politicians crying poor? Since when is poor defined as making gobs of dough and being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to sit in a room while pearls of wisdom spew from your pie hole?

As if Hillary’s cries of ordinary man struggles are not enough, this morning Grandpa Joe let us know he is, indeed, the poorest of the high ranking, noting that when he stands in the Rose Garden he is wearing a “mildly expensive suit” but has no savings account and nary a stock to his name. Rest assured. Grandpa Joe does have a nice salary and a great pension we get to pay for. Ask him. He’s a sharer.

Numbers back up the story. When Biden and Obama marched into the White House, Joe’s worth was valued between $276,000 and $940,000 including a rental property owned jointly by he and Jill. Obama, a community organizer, entered the big house with a net value of between two and seven million. Just a couple of average guys.

The people for whom we should openly weep are the Clintons. Legal fees are the culprit. Bill and Hill left the White House “dead broke” due to barrister bills. Those must be linked to that vast right wing conspiracy making up stories about women who weren’t his wife and shady business dealings. Or that Monica Lewinsky business. Or that lying to Congress business. Or that Whitewater business. Regular folk don’t generally have lawyers at the ready as they don’t need behavior defenders. Certainly not in quantities enough to leave a presidential family penniless.

We are, though, super relieved she’s over the Monica Lewinsky scandal, as she told People earlier this summer. Deep sigh of relief. Think it’s working out the same for Monica?

And we all are really psyched that political friends made down payments for Clinton homes. Yes, with an “s.” Hill told us last week they could barely afford Chelsea’s Ivy League education and mortgages on their homes. I almost cried. It’s a travesty when someone who’s spent a lifetime living off the American taxpayer can’t afford more than one home and singleton offspring might have to take out student loans.

Fast forward to today. The duo’s combined net worth is between 100 and 200 million. Thankfully, they’ve been blessed since leaving the White House. And, just yesterday, Hill told The Guardian that the American people don’t “see me as part of the problem because we pay ordinary income tax unlike a lot of people who are truly well off, not to name names. And we’ve done it through dint of hard work.” Unlike the rest of us who just pick it off the money tree in the back yard.

Keep talking Hillary. Just keep talking.


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